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Join the Happy Onlife activities!

Our aim is to open this research and its resources to citizens.
Therefore, all published and released Happy Onlife material can be freely used and reused. In that event, join us and become Happy Onlife friend.

Join the Happy Onlife community to enhance the tools by:

proposing new features to the digital game released in GitHub under open-source EUPL licence

translating the game content in new languages on GitHub

creating new questions, topics, updates on popular media tools into the game content on GitHub

building new awareness raising activities and/or projects inspired by Happy Onlife booklet

getting involved in the Happy Onlife european activity with Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian contributors

You can remix, tweak, and build upon Happy Onlife work, as long as you credit the European Commission as author.
Have a look at examples of Happy Onlife reuse by Schools, Coderdojo or Minecraft experts from the JRC report
You can be inspired by other projects and realise your own one!

Let us know what you are up to by sending an e-mail to jrc-happyonlife [at]

New contributions and credits from Happy Onlife friends:

The Portuguese translation / adaptation of Happy Onlife resources is by Patricia Dias and Rita Brito (Research Centre for Communication and Culture, Catholic University of Portugal), September 2016. As of 2017, APAN (Portuguese Advertisers Association) is also part of the Portuguese team. APAN is an association whose purpose is to defend, safeguard and promote the interests of its members related to commercial communication.

The Romanian translation / adaptation of the digital game is by Anca Velicu (Institute of Sociology at the Romanian Academy, Bucurest) and Monica Mitarca (Faculty of Political Science at ‘Dimitrie Cantemir’ Christian University, Bucharest), August 2017.

The Greek translation / adaptation of Happy Onlife resources is by Anastasia Economou (Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus), Aphrodite Stephanou (Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus) and Ioannis Lefkos (5th Primary School of Kalamaria - Thessaloniki and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), October 2017.