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Facilitating access to INSPIRE data through standard-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

In the context of Action 2016.10 ELISE (European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government) of the ISA2 programme, this procurement aims to investigate the feasibility, design and implementation of geospatial Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that leverage on the investment made by EU Member States in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

The contract aims at:

• Identifying advantages and disadvantages of emerging service and data sharing standards (in particular the new Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) API – Features and SensorThings API standards) for publishing spatial data on the web;

• Proposing an approach to facilitate interoperability through the use of APIs in government geospatial data/service provision, and

• evaluating the proposed approach against different use cases, and exploring methods for simplifying access to INSPIRE datasets.

The contract will include the following tasks:

• Task 1. Methodology for evaluation of standard-based APIs. The methodology shall cover criteria for evaluation of the transition towards the newly established OGC APIs for both data providers and users.

• Task 2. Deployment strategies. The contractor shall identify at least two data providers to participate in the project (letters of intent should be provided in the tender) and elaborate with them different deployment strategies of the chosen OGC API, considering both technical and organisational dimensions.

• Task 3. Implementation and evaluation of the API. Following the analysis done in Task 2, the contractor will deploy at least one OGC API for each data provider and evaluate it using the methodology developed in Task 1.

  • Type
    Negotiated (low to middle value) - to be launched
  • Institute/Directorate
    JRC.B - B.6

Business sector (CPV)

  • 48000000: Software package and information systems


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  • Software package and information systems


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