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Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of the AOP Framework - Spotlight on the AOP knowledge users

Regulatory Toxicology encompasses the collection, processing and evaluation of epidemiological as well as experimental toxicology data to permit toxicologically based decisions directed towards the protection of health against harmful effects of chemical substances. In regulatory toxicology, an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) is a conceptual construct that portrays existing knowledge concerning the linkage between a direct molecular initiating event and an adverse outcome at a biological level of organization relevant to risk assessment. Efforts are underway to transform regulatory toxicology and chemical safety assessment from a largely empirical science based on direct observation of apical toxicity outcomes in whole organism toxicity tests to a predictive one in which outcomes and risk are inferred from accumulated mechanistic understanding. The AOP Framework provides a systematic approach for organizing knowledge that may support such inference. The AOP Framework was introduced in 2010, and the purpose of this study is to retrospectively and prospectively analyse the AOP Framework's past, present and future in terms of its suitability to achieve the ultimate goal of better regulatory decisions. The study will also deliver actionable suggestions to increase the uptake of the AOP Framework in the relevant stakeholder communities, which will be shared and subsequently co-executed with the AOP Framework governance bodies at OECD and other organisations.

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    Negotiated (low to middle value) - to be launched
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    JRC.F - F.3

Business sector (CPV)

  • 73000000: Research and development services and related consultancy services


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  • (4) Research and development services and related consultancy services


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Registrations CLOSED by 25/10/2018

The information published on this webpage provides mandatory ex-ante publicity for public calls for tender by the JRC whose estimated value is above €15,000 and below 144,000 for supplies and services and €5,548,000 for works. You can express your interest to participate in the above planned procedure by registering on this webpage.

Registration shall not convey any legal right or create a legitimate expectation of award of contract. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to launch the planned procedure or to cancel or abandon without compensation any procedure launched on the basis of this publicity. Only candidates invited by the contracting authority can participate in the planned procedure.

Participation is open to all natural and legal persons within the scope of the EU Treaties, as well as all natural and legal persons established in a third country which has a special agreement with the European Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement.

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