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Synthesis centres on innovative wastewater treatment: feasibility studies in the Lower Danube

Collected, untreated wastewater is a key issue in the Danube, according to ICPDR (International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River) and the river basin plan. Often the capacity of communities to pay for water services (Euro/m3 of treated water) is low compared to the cost of treatment. The JRC intends to explore the potentials for measures to adopt in the implementation of the European water legislation, involving innovative wastewater treatment solutions. It also aims at supporting capacity building through collaboration among research, industry and communities in the Danube Region, in the context of the JRC scientific support to the Danube strategy.

In this framework, the JRC wants to develop a feasibility study in two representative situations in the Lower Danube, for a holistic wastewater management solution that recovers energy and materials from wastewater/sludge, valorizes them on the market, and allows henceforth a reduction of water treatment tariffs; additional sources of value could be revenues e.g. from recreational use of certain areas, e.g. around constructed wetlands; so the call is technology neutral and nature-based solutions are welcome. The feasibility study should make a business case of this type of solution, and show how this can be scaled up as a general solution for the lower Danube region. The feasibility study for each of the two cases should include:

o Technical aspects: identification and preliminary design of the treatment process, clearly showing capacity to meet regulatory standards;

o Environmental aspects: Evaluation of the basin-wide benefits if the solution is scaled up to the whole region (show costs of investment vs reduction of BOD and nutrient loads, starting from JRC and other model results etc.)

o Socio-economic aspects: identify benefits to the local community in terms of water quality improvement but also other benefits (impact on the local economy, innovation, multiplier effects, well-being, green infrastructure etc.)

o Business planning aspects: highlight investments, cash flows, returns, and proposed sources of funding.

The study should be developed by a contractor showing a clear involvement of the community, local government, basin managers as well as a suitable technical working group (from academia, consultants etc.) and a water utility company and/or water sector operator.

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    Negotiated (low to middle value) - to be launched
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    IES - H.1

Business sector (CPV)

  • 90733400: Surface water treatment services


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  • Surface water treatment services


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Registrations CLOSED by 18/07/2016

The information published on this webpage provides mandatory ex-ante publicity for public calls for tender by the JRC whose estimated value is above €15,000 and below 144,000 for supplies and services and €5,548,000 for works. You can express your interest to participate in the above planned procedure by registering on this webpage.

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