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framework contract for supply of satellite remote sensing data

The purpose of this contract is to supply satellite data from the very latest sensors and products.

The appointed contractor shall act as a 'broker', by supplying satellite data from the most up to date officialpublic (online) product catalogues. Such 'living catalogues' provide the product information and their relevantprice lists, concerning data and images from the satellite sensors currently available.

The contract shall also cover sensors not yet available, which may be launched within the time-frame of itsvalidity and which are considered to be an evolution of existing sensors or satellites (such as in a series or aconstellation).

The contractor will be required to manage JRC orders for satellite data over the whole globe, including botharchive and programmed data. The contractor shall deliver the data to the JRC in various formats within thedelivery times specified.

The start date of the contract is estimated to be autumn 2013. The contract will last for up to 4 years.

  • Type
    Restricted Call Public
  • Institute/Directorate
    IES - JRC.H.6

Business sector (CPV)

  • 32531000: Satellite communications equipment
  • 35631100: Communication satellites
  • 32533000: Satellite earth stations
  • 32534000: Satellite platforms
  • 35631200: Observation satellites


Procurement documents

Contacts between the contracting authority and candidates or tenderers are exceptionally allowed under the following conditions only:

Before the candidature deadline:

Upon request, the contracting authority may provide additional information solely for the purpose of clarifying the procurement documents. Any request for additional information must be made in writing only to: jrc-ies-procurement@ec.europa.eu.

The contracting authority is not bound to reply to requests for additional information received less than six working days before the candidature deadline.

The contracting authority may, on its own initiative, inform interested parties of any error, inaccuracy, omission or any other type of clerical error in the text of the procurement documents.

Any additional information including that referred to above will be posted on this website. The website will be updated regularly and it is your responsibility to check for updates and modifications during the submission period.

After the opening of requests to participate:

If due to an obvious clerical error the candidate has omitted to submit evidence or make statements, the contracting authority shall, except in duly justified cases, ask the candidate to provide the missing information or clarify supporting documents.

After the opening of tenders:

If obvious clerical errors in the tender need to be corrected or confirmation of a specific or technical element is necessary, the contracting authority shall, except in duly justified cases, contact the tenderer provided this does not lead to substantial changes to the terms of the submitted tender.

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