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Generation of data using 'in vitro' test systems to support an EURL ECVAM validation project

The requested services are part of a EURL ECVAM validation project (ring trial) and are aimed to produce sets of data for 2 test methods in three different laboratories. The methods selected by EURL ECVAM have beendetermined during an evaluation process to be suitably developed to enter formal validation.

The objective of the validation project is to assess the reproducibility of the test methods within and between laboratories and to determine their ability to accurately discriminate between substances that instigate androgen receptor mediated transactivation 'in vitro' and those that do not.

The contractor will support this validation project together with other laboratories by generating the data needed for the assessment by EURL ECVAM.

Since this is a ring trial to formally assess transferability and reproducibility of a method, it is necessary to sign 3 individual contracts with 3 different laboratories in order to ensure their independence and avoid any type of relationship or interaction between them that could potentially create bias between the datasets generated.

The JRC will sign individual contracts with the best 3 successful tenderers provided that there will be a sufficient number of compliant tenders. If only 1 or 2 compliant tenders are received, the JRC will sign respectively 1 or 2 individual contracts.

Business sector (CPV)

  • 73100000: Research and experimental development services


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