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Supply of radiation detection equipment for EUSECTRA training centre

The Institute for Transuranium Elements plans the purchase of the radiation detection equipment in order to support training through Eusectra in the area of detection and response to the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive material. The equipment for training to be offered is intended for use by the front line officers, their management, the trainers and other experts in the field.

The equipment to be supplied is divided into 5 lots and includes:

Lot 1: 'High energy resolution portable radioisotope identifier' intended for determination of isotopic composition and activity of the nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

Lot 2: 'Backpack for portable radiation detection system' for undercover search, detection, localisation and identification of nuclear materials and radioactive substances by detecting the gamma and neutron radiations, with an integrated GPS system and wireless data transfer method.

Lot 3: 'Neutron search instrument' intended for detection and localisation of neutron-emitting radioactive material using a high sensitivity neutron detector combined with limited size and weight to allow for hand-held operation for a sufficiently long time.

Lot 4: 'Hand-held XRF analyser' for fast identification of the shielding material of an intercepted container/package/capsule, semi-quantitative determination of its major and minor element composition, for fast identification of major chemical elements in a radioactive substance or nuclear material and for fast determination of chemical composition of physical evidence collected at the incident place.

Lot 5: 'Dose rate measuring instrument with gamma telescopic probe, beta and alpha external probes' intended for monitoring gamma radiation at a secure distance for all situations where an extended range is required or high radiation may occur. External beta and alpha probes intended for field monitoring of alpha and beta contamination measurements.

The purchase shall cover the delivery of the complete equipment, with optional training and the possibility of a maintenance contract after the warranty period.

Business sector (CPV)

  • 38341000: Apparatus for measuring radiation


  • Contract notice
    2012/S 58-093833 of 23/03/2012
  • Launch date
  • Deadline date for submitting Questions
  • Tender deadline
  • Date of opening of offers
    03/05/2012 09:30

Procurement documents

Contacts between the contracting authority and tenderers are prohibited throughout the procedure save in exceptional circumstances and under the following conditions only:

Before the tender deadline:

Upon request, the contracting authority may provide additional information solely for the purpose of clarifying the procurement documents. Any request for additional information must be made in writing only to: jrc-itu-procurement@ec.europa.eu.

The contracting authority is not bound to reply to requests for additional information received less than six working days before the tender deadline.

The contracting authority may, on its own initiative, inform interested parties of any error, inaccuracy, omission or any other type of clerical error in the text of the procurement documents.

Any additional information including that referred to above will be posted on this website. The website will be updated regularly and it is your responsibility to check for updates and modifications during the submission period.

After the opening of tenders:

The contracting authority shall, except in duly justified cases, ask the tenderer to:

- provide missing information, documents and clarify supporting documents;
- submit evidence and/or make statements;
- correct clerical errors in the tender or confirm a specific or technical element;

where these are omitted or incorrect due to clerical error. Care must be taken that this information does not lead to a substantial change to the terms of the submitted tender.

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