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Calls for tenders found (2)

  • JRC/IPR/2016/E.2/5004/NC of 26/09/2016
    The subjects of this procurement are test antenna and equipment-under-test (EUT) positioning equipment constructed from non-conducting materials, for use in RF immunity tests and RF emissions measurements in a fully anechoic room (FAR).
    Last Update: 26-09-2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/F/5012/NC of 09/09/2016
    With the present call for tender JRC-IRMM seeks to establish a contract for the supply and maintenance of an x-ray equipment for security screening of bags and small/medium parcels at the entrance building of JRC Geel. 1) to enhance capability to detect security threats at the Commission's Geel site; 2) to deter would-be perpetrators at the Commission's Geel site; 3) to better align security measures at JRC Geel with other class 1 nuclear installations in Belgium. 4) to have the capability to adapt and respond to evolving and specific threat environments, now and in the future.
    Last Update: 09-09-2016