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  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.II.6/5051/NC of 04/10/2016
    The Nuclear Safeguards and Forensics Unit (NSAF), JRC-Karlsruhe site needs a density-meter system as a back-up of the system currently in operation. The object of this contract is the supply of a density-meter system suitable to measure density of radioactive liquid samples in contained and under-depression enclosures, such as a glove-box or a hot-cell.
    Last Update: 25-10-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/G.III.9/5055/NC of 24/10/2016
    The environmental surveillance is one of the tasks of the Laboratory for Radioactivity Measurements (LMR). The sampling of air particulates for the measurement of the radioactivity in air is one of the analytical activities included in the environmental surveillance. Since the air particulate samplers in use are very old, and because of their relevant importance as front-line analytical tools, it's very important to replace them with new “state of the art” samplers. More specifically two lots have been identified and distinguished: Lot 1: Low-medium flow air particulate samplers compliant to the NF M60-760 standard (or equivalent); Lot 2: Very high flow air particulate samplers compliant to the CTBTO protocol (or equivalent).
    Last Update: 25-10-2016
  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.III.8/5032/NC of 24/10/2016
    Technical and academic support for the acoustic microscope system
    Last Update: 24-10-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/G.III.9/5053/NC of 11/10/2016
    In order to improve the analytical capabilities of LMR laboratory, it is very important to acquire a new ultra-low background LSC that can support and replace, in the next future, at least one of the two ultra-low background in use at LMR. This kind of equipment is very important for the determination of beta emitters in almost each kind of matrices. Among the others, Sr-90, H-3, Fe-55, Ni-63. This kind of instrumentation may be used also for alpha emitters determination
    Last Update: 21-10-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/D.2/5005/NC of 20/10/2016
    "Installation and operation of an autonomous radiometer at the Gustaf Dalén Lighthouse in the Baltic Sea"
    Last Update: 20-10-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/G.III.9/5054/NC of 06/10/2016
    In order to improve LMR analytical capabilities, a set of 12 alpha detectors, to be installed in RAPL laboratory, allowing determination of alpha emitters in heavily contaminated samples, is necessary. This set of detectors will be distinguished from that in use in LARA (bld. 51) that are used for environmental/clearance samples.
    Last Update: 06-10-2016