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  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.4/0013/NC of 30/06/2015
    Contratto quadro per la prestazione di servizi di manutenzione del mineralizzatore Discover
    Last Update: 30-06-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.3/0021/NC of 23/06/2015
    Supply of 96-well plates for real time pcr pre-spotted plates with oligonucleotides.
    Last Update: 23-06-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.1/0018/OC of 09/06/2015
    Call for tender for the supply and maintenance of an inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS).
    Last Update: 22-06-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.4/0016/OC of 22/05/2015
    The JRC is seeking to conclude a framework contract to cover the following irradiation services: 1. irradiation of various types of nanoparticles and nanoparticles mixed with a lithium compound; 2. irradiation of coarse-grained powder of enriched 107Ag; 3. irradiation of Au disks of natural isotopic composition provided by the JRC.
    Last Update: 18-06-2015