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Welcome to the JRC's Calls for tender website. The JRC is committed to buying services and supplies that represent best value for money for the EU taxpayer. We are also very keen to foster business with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). You will find information on JRC tendering opportunities both here and on the Ted-eTendering platform which advertises calls for tenders for EU institutions. In the section "Negotiated low to middle value – to be launched" you will also find information about planned negotiated calls for tender up to EUR 135,000 (services/supplies) and EUR 5, 225,000 (works) where you can register and be invited to make a tender. For more information on Commission procurement please consult "Doing business with the European Commission - Tips for potential contractors" .

Latest calls

  • JRC/IPR/2016/C.1/0023/NC-ExA of 19/09/2016
  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.1/5039/RC of 24/08/2016
    Um einen Kontrollbereich mit Laborbetrieb aufrecht zu erhalten ist es notwendig, alle radioaktiven Reststoffe fachgerecht zu entsorgen (Strahlenschutzverordnung Kapitel 3 Abschnitt 9).
    Last Update: 24-08-2016
  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.1/5038/RC of 24/08/2016
    Das JRC Karlsruhe betreibt Forschungsarbeiten in - Labors mit überwiegend - radioaktiven Transurane-Elementen sowie mit sämtlichen anderen Nukliden, die bei der Kernspaltung entstehen. Deshalb müssen geeignete Strahlenmessgeräte eingesetzt werden.
    Last Update: 24-08-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/C.3/0028/NC-ExA of 26/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/G.2/5004/OC of 08/08/2016
    To carry out it's mission, JRG GEEL requires neutron and gamma shielding materials.
    Last Update: 22-08-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/R.I.4/5015/OC of 08/08/2016
    Supply of a fully equipped fire truck for the site response support team, provision of training on daily use and maintenance, and provision of warranty and full maintenance.
    Last Update: 18-08-2016
  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.I.3/5033/OC of 05/08/2016
    The Joint Research Centre-Karlsruhe of the European Commission is planning to purchase an independent Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and Hot Pressing (HP) device with an adapted Flash sintering system. This instrument is needed to press high dense discs and pellets of various compounds. The purchase shall cover the delivery and installation of the complete equipment, including sufficient training/demonstration to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment.
    Last Update: 17-08-2016
  • JRC/KRU/2016/G.1/5026/OC of 13/07/2016
    Das Angebot umfasst in den Räumlichkeiten des ITU die Durchführung von Luftvolumenstrommessungen und Luftvolumeneinstellungen nach VDI Norm 2080 §3.5.
    Last Update: 15-08-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/F.4/0051/OC of 24/06/2016
    In order to carry out its activities, the JRC is planning to conclude a framework contract for the purchase of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources. It will consist of HPC compute clusters, inclusive of turn-key delivery, upgrades and spare parts.
    Last Update: 10-08-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/R.I.3/5012/OC of 27/07/2016
    Last Update: 08-08-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/C.7/5011/OC of 08/07/2016
    The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) has been conceived as a means to accelerate the research, development and deployment of low carbon energy technologies within the EU, by exploiting the potential of Member States for energy technology innovation. The SET-Plan proposes a number of joint actions betwen the Commission, Member States and industry. The SET-Plan relies on a robust, open-access information and knowledge management system, called SETIS (SET-Plan Information System). Its mission is twofold: to support effective strategic planning, monitoring and assessment of SET-Plan’s progress and to develop an integrated approach for information and data exchange on energy technologies and capacities for innovation, throughout the Member States, international organisations and energy sectors. The main vehicle to disseminate SETIS outputs and to support SETIS activities is through a group of web sites at the following addresses https://setis.ec.europa.eu, https://setis.ec.europa.eu/energy-research, https://setis.ec.europa.eu/dt-ocean/ and https://setis.ec.europa.eu/mis/. For the maintenance and further development of the SETIS websites external expertise is needed.
    Last Update: 08-08-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/G.III.9/5012/OC of 14/07/2016
    Il contratto consentirà la sostituzione di alcuni dispositivi anticaduta inadeguati presenti nel sito di Ispra, l'ispezione periodica e la manutenzione correttiva dei dispositivi anticaduta del sito di Ispra per I quali non è necessaria l'autorizzazione del fabbricante (come identificato dalla norma EN 365), l'installazione di nuovi dispositivi anticaduta e altri accessori correlati conformi alla normativa vigente e per i quali non sarà necessaria l'autorizzazione del fabbricante per l'ispezione periodica e la manutenzione.
    Last Update: 27-07-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/F.7/0047/VL
  • JRC/BRU/2016/I.4/5002/OC of 19/07/2016
    In order to maintain rights to patent and trade marks assets, periodically payments must be made to the registration offices. The EU owns a portfolio consisting of 800 patent applications and registrations and 600 trade mark registrations. There are specialised companies that offer these payment services.
    Last Update: 19-07-2016
  • JRC/GEE/2015/D.4/0084/AMI
    Invitation for manufacturers that wish to have their digital data acquisition equipment (digitisers) included on the list of instruments to be tested in the frame of the project "Digital Standard" and at the same time wish to contribute to the development of a standard data format for such equipment.
    Last Update: 05-07-2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.5/0043/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.4/0046/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.2/0042/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.1/0063/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.1/0045/NC-ExA of 31/12/2016
  • JRC/SVQ/2016/J.1/0030/NC-ExA of 02/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.2/0039/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/IPR/2014/B.4/0019/AMI
    The objective of this call for expression of interest is to set up three lists of pre-selected candidates interested in a donation of scientific equipment (laboratory equipment and furniture) related to three different JRC sites. The equipment that could be donated is the following: laboratory, optical and precision equipment, laboratory pipettes and accessories, laboratory furniture, laboratory benching and laboratory pumps and accessories.The scientific equipment to be donated has been used and fully depreciated by the JRC sites:JRC - Ispra Italy, JRC- Geel, Belgium and/or JRC - Petten, Netherlands.
    Last Update: 28-04-2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.2/0044/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D/0038/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/GEE/2016/D.1/0037/NC-ExA of 30/09/2016
  • JRC/SVQ/2016/J.3/0032/NC-ExA of 03/10/2016
  • JRC/SVQ/2016/J.3/0031/NC-ExA of 02/09/2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/F.4/0020/AMI
    JRC-IET Petten, part of the European Commission Joint Research Centre, intends to compile a list of suppliers interested to provide preventive and corrective maintenance, including all possible spare parts on Recirculating Chillers Type: • Neslab M33 • Thermoflex 1400 • Thermoflex 7500
    Last Update: 18-03-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/F.3/0015/AMI
    The JRC aims to provide a solid and comprehensive understanding of energy security in support of EU policy, notably in relation to fossil fuels (mainly gas and oil) and power systems. The aim of the JRC’s Energy Security, Systems and Market Unit is to aid and inform the Member States and European Institutions on issues relevant to ensuring the uninterrupted physical availability of energy products on the market at an affordable price for all consumers. The JRC assesses how different policy options help shape an energy system resilient to shocks and adverse trends whilst satisfying society’s energy needs.
    Last Update: 14-03-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/B.10/0005/AMI
    JRC Petten replaces various equipment each year as part of an annual upgrade procedure. Items that are more than 4 years old and fully depreciated need to be removed from service as they are EOL, outside of maintenance or surplus to requirements as the activity has been completed. In some cases the equipment may still be functioning and the preference would be to dispose of such items where necessary to non-profit organizations, rather than simply throwing them away. The objective of this call for expressions of interest is to set up a list of pre-selected candidates for donation of reusable and recyclable goods to non-profit organisations for humanitarian, social, charity or environmental purposes.
    Last Update: 14-03-2016
  • JRC/SVQ/2016/B.11/0001/AMI
    En la política del JRC coordinada por la unidad B7, la renovación de ordenadores de sobremesa (sin monitor) y portátiles está prevista cada 4 años. Por lo cual, los equipos anteriores a 2011 pueden hacer parte de un anuncio de convocatoria de manifestación de interés de donación. Actualmente tenemos 209 equipos formateados, almacenados y listos para donar. Una compra de 97 nuevos equipos está en curso y la entrega está prevista para 2015. Por lo tanto se puede considerar un volumen de donación de 306 equipos. El objetivo de esta convocatoria es la donación de productos reutilizables a organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro para fines humanitarios, sociales o de caridad.
    Last Update: 03-03-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2015/F.2/0115/AMI
    The Joint Research Centre (JRC) runs several laboratory facilities having different scopes and serving different purposes at different locations within the campus of the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET), in Petten (North-Holland). These facilities have extensive gas tube / pipe networks (with dimensions in imperial & metric units) including (automated) controls & auxiliary devices (i.e. suction huts, vent & exhaust pipes, etc.) and use various fluids (gases & liquids) at different pressures (normally 10 bar working pressure but in some facilities, up to 1,000 bar working pressure) and flow rates (up to 5,000 normal litres per minute, Nlpm) depending on the facilities where they are required; some of the gases are harmful (asphyxiate, toxic and/or flammable). The Commission seeks to establish three (3) sub-lists A, B & C of selected candidates for the performance on a project-by-project of various different tasks whether or not ordered jointly or separately under either sub-list namely Sub-list A – Design & engineering in gas installation Sub-list B – Performance of installation and repairs including upgrade Sub-list C – Supply of materials, components, devices and instrumentation
    Last Update: 25-02-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2015/F.2/0123/AMI
    To fulfil the requirements of BESTEST, the JRC-IET intends to design and install a new research laboratory for testing of electrochemical devices. Such electrochemical devices (and components thereof) are required for the execution of tests. These devices include: batteries, supercapacitors in various forms and shapes (e.g. prismatic, pouch, cylindrical) and their components within (e.g. anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte, casings and electrochemical parts), etc.
    Last Update: 15-01-2016
  • JRC/GEE/2015/D.4/0093/AMI
    The IRMM, part of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, intends to compile a list of suppliers interested in supplying Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer accessories and spare parts according to the following fields: Field 1 — Spare parts and accessories for Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers (model Thermo Electron Triton). Field 2 — Secondary electron multipliers for ion current detection in Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers (model Thermo Electron Triton). Field 3 — Double and single filament holders equipped with rhenium, tungsten or tantalum ribbon, usable on Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers (model Thermo Electron Triton). Technical specifications will be provided together with the invitation to tender. Expressions of interest can be made for 1 or more fields.
    Last Update: 14-12-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/C.4/0029/AMI
    Consultations between involved Head of Units of ISM has outlined a strategy for the procurement for technical services; this strategy which has been set up has foreseen two main tools: a FWC for major services, and AMI lists for lower value services; this second tool has the aim to take place of most of negotiated procedures, to increase transparency and to widen the market
    Last Update: 08-10-2015
  • JRC/PTT/2015/F.4/0070/AMI
    JRC-IET, part of the European Commission Joint Research Centre, intends to compile a list of suppliers interested in manufacturing metallic samples and other metallic components according to our technical requirements. The samples shall be produced according to international standards like ASTM, DIN EN or equivalent.
    Last Update: 21-09-2015
  • JRC/GEE/2015/D.3/0058/AMI
    Field 1: Technical threat studies Field 2: Studies on detection performance of identified detection equipment Field 3: Simulants validation studies Field 4: Studies on detection of biological threat agents
    Last Update: 06-07-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2014/G.7/0001/AMI
    The mission of the Digital Citizen Security Unit G.7 is to strengthen the trust and security of the European citizen in a sustainable and inclusive ICT-based European society by scientific research on how emerging information and communication technologies will impact on the security and privacy of citizens' daily lives. In this context the Unit G.7 also supports the digital tachograph (DT) implementation, including the ERCA — European Root Certification Authority, and the IOT lab — Interoperability Certification Laboratory. This effort currently contributes to the definition of a new generation digital tachograph, with renewed security mechanisms, and of its possible use (within a common platform) for improving the safety and security of its users. Digital Citizen Security Unit G.7 will require support and consultancy services on the definition of the system architecture, technical solutions and the drafting of related technical reports and new DT technical specifications including standardisation activities.
    Last Update: 22-04-2015
  • JRC/GEE/2014/D.4/0069/AMI
    JRC-IRMM, part of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, intends to compile a list of suppliers interested in: supply of spare parts and accessories for UF6 gas source mass spectrometers (models Thermo Electron Uranus).
    Last Update: 11-12-2014
  • JRC/GEE/2014/B.8/0014/AMI
    The European Commission wishes to set up a list of pre-selected candidates to whom they can donate reusable and recyclable goods in the following fields: Field 1: office furniture including chairs, desks, cupboards, etc. Field 2: ICT equipment including computers, notebooks, printers, etc. Field 3: technical and electrical equipment (excluding scientific equipment) including a broad variety of tools, equipment and machinery The goods can only be used for projects of social, humanitarian, charitable or environmentally friendly nature and need to be collected from the JRC-IRMM buildings in Geel, Belgium
    Last Update: 31-07-2014
  • JRC/GEE/2014/D.4/0024/VL
  • JRC/KRU/2014/E.1/0038/VL