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Welcome to the Public Procurement site of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC). This site is regularly updated. It is your responsibility to consult it on regular basis in order to have complete and updated information on the tenders announced in it. Should you have any problem to access the information and/or documents included in this website, please let us know by sending an e-mail or fax to the address indicated in the section related to the call you are interested in.

Latest open and restricted public calls

  • JRC/GEE/2015/D.4/0019/OC of 24/04/2015
    IRMM is intending to purchase a high-resolution ultra-low background high-purity germanium detector. High-purity germanium detectors (HPGe detectors) are the 'workhorses' of every radioactivity laboratory. They provide the possibility of measuring (non-destructively) individual radionuclides in contrast to instruments that provide 1 value for all radionuclides. One of our set-ups consists of 2 detectors that are facing each other, almost creating a 4π geometry. 1 is facing up and the other one is facing down. The detector to be replaced is the lower one (called Ge-1). The aim is to replace it with a detector that has exactly the same properties as the upper one. This will give us the possibility of adding data from the 2 detectors and thereby improving sensitivity. The total duration of the contract will be 36 months: — 12 months for delivery, — 24 months' warranty.
    Last Update: 29-05-2015
  • JRC/PTT/2015/F.1/0029/RC of 16/04/2015
    Een nieuw receptie gebouw moet gaan voorzien in de benodigde veiligheidsvoorzieningen (bewaking), een professionele ontvangstruimte voor bezoekers en conferentiezaal, hetgeen ontbreekt in het huidige receptiegebouw 315. De nieuwe receptie zal een energiezuinig gebouw worden.
    Last Update: 29-05-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/C.4/0023/NC of 18/05/2015
    Realizzazione di una copertura pressostatica da installarsi presso il centro sportivo del Centro Comune di Ricerca di Ispra (VA)
    Last Update: 29-05-2015
  • JRC/SVQ/2015/J.4/0014/NC of 30/04/2015
    Analysis of Food Prices Data Sources and Data Collection Methodologies in developing countries. The objective of the present study is to understand new data collection methods better for filling the gap in the availability of timely, accurate, cost-efficient and high frequency (mainly food) price data in developing countries, particularly in Africa.
    Last Update: 28-05-2015
  • JRC/KRU/2015/E.1/0029/NC of 01/04/2015
    Das Angebot umfasst die Lieferung, die Montage und spätere Demontage und fachgerechte Entsorgung von zwei Trockenbauwänden.
    Last Update: 28-05-2015