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Welcome to the Public Procurement site of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC). This site is regularly updated. It is your responsibility to consult it on regular basis in order to have complete and updated information on the tenders announced in it. Should you have any problem to access the information and/or documents included in this website, please let us know by sending an e-mail or fax to the address indicated in the section related to the call you are interested in.

Latest calls

  • JRC/SVQ/2016/J.3/0022/NC of 20/04/2016
    An important policy priority is to understand better the potential and use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and free online learning opportunities for the development of skills of migrants (namely, non-EU migrants or third country nationals ) and refugees, given the current flow of refugees to Europe that the conflict in Syria is causing. To that end, the study has defined the following objectives: • Find and synthetize recent research on the use of MOOCs and free digital learning by migrants and refugees in the EU and neighbourhood countries. • Identify and analyse MOOC and free digital learning initiatives which are specifically aimed to migrants and refugees in the EU or that potentially will be in the EU. • Explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of MOOCs and free digital learning from the point of view of the learners and stakeholders responsible of the offer. • Summarize and interpret all the information gathered so as to inform policymakers about the adequacy (or not) and possibilities of MOOCs and free digital learning offer for skill development of migrants and refugees for inclusion, integration, re-engagement in formal or non-formal education, employability, civic participation and other relevant issues.
    Last Update: 05-05-2016
  • JRC/IPR/2016/I.5/0011/NC of 14/04/2016
    Last Update: 05-05-2016
  • JRC/BRU/2016/DDG1.02/0011/NC-ExA of 13/05/2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/F.4/0044/NC of 22/04/2016
    Ten behoeve van een Liquid Lead Loop-unit dient ruimte 0.81 in gebouw 310 te worden verbouwd. Het lab heeft een oppervlak van circa 60 m2 en is in twee ruimten ingedeeld, de controlekamer en de liquid lead loop-ruimte.
    Last Update: 04-05-2016
  • JRC/PTT/2016/F.1/0048/NC-ExA of 06/06/2016