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Welcome to the Public Procurement site of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC). This site is regularly updated. It is your responsibility to consult it on regular basis in order to have complete and updated information on the tenders announced in it. Should you have any problem to access the information and/or documents included in this website, please let us know by sending an e-mail or fax to the address indicated in the section related to the call you are interested in.

Latest open and restricted public calls

  • JRC/IPR/2015/F.8/0037/OC of 21/09/2015
    The Sustainable Transport Unit has received mandate from the DTP group to follow the Validation phase of the new GTR (https://www2.unece.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=917779) and so the measurements of some unregulated pollutants will be required. Among them the analysis of carbonyls will be an important requirement. The procurement consists in the supply, installation, training and maintenance of one high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system for carbonyls analysis of samples collected in the VELA laboratories (IET-STU).
    Last Update: 02-10-2015
  • JRC/GEE/2015/D/0067/OC of 10/09/2015
    In order to comply with the national, international regulations, ICRP60 recommendations and the European directive 2013/59 of 05 December 2013 on the protection of the population, workers and the environment against the hazards of ionising radiation and because of aging of the existing environmental monitoring system, the IRMM is in the process of acquiring renewal of the total system by state of the art, up to date equipment and installations.
    Last Update: 02-10-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.3/0025/NC of 11/09/2015
    High Performance Computing Cluster Hardware Maintenance - 34 servers
    Last Update: 02-10-2015
  • JRC/PTT/2015/F.4/0072/NC of 01/10/2015
    In the scope of the INCEFA-PLUS Project, the Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN) will collaborate with the JRC to act in the role of Secretariat for a new CEN Workshop on the topic of standards-compliant formats for fatigue test data.
    Last Update: 01-10-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/I.4/0032/NC of 01/10/2015
    Despite the decommissioning of our cyclotron facility, it is foreseen to continue with experiments making use of radiolabelled nanoparticles as radiotracers for a period of up to four years. Thus, the irradiations have to be performed by a properly equipped external cyclotron site. The JRC is therefore seeking for a commercial contract with a cyclotron facility to provide the following irradiation services: 1. Irradiation of various types of nanoparticles and nanoparticles mixed with a lithium compound. The nanomaterials that have to be radiolabelled are selected from those compiled in Table 1 of the Technical specifications according to the experimental requirements. Nanoparticulate powders are supplied by the JRC in safely closed irradiation capsules. 2. Irradiation of coarse-grained powder of enriched 107Ag in capsules provided by the JRC. 3. Irradiation of Au disks of natural isotopic composition provided by the JRC.
    Last Update: 01-10-2015