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Planned Calls for Tenders for Low Value Contracts

Important information: Please note that the ex-ante publicity (for low and middle value calls) is in the process of being moved to here. Prior to 2nd May 2016 please look at both this and the linked page for information on future calls publicised.

The information published on this webpage is to provide mandatory ex-ante publicity for public calls for tender by the JRC whose estimated value is between: €15,001 and €135,000 for supplies and services; €15,001 and €5,225,000 for works. These lists are not exhaustive and are updated regularly. You can express your interest to participate in any of the listed calls by sending the completed reply form to the e-mail as shown in the reply form. Submitting an expression of interest shall not convey any legal right or create a legitimate expectation of award of contract. The JRC reserves the right not to launch the planned procedures or to cancel or abandon without compensation any procedure launched on the basis of the list. Only candidates invited by the contracting authority to participate in a procedure will be able to participate. Please note that the contract types are denoted as supply, works, service (study) and service (other). The last is any service that is not a study.

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