JRC - Call for tenders

Planned Calls for Tenders for Low Value Contracts

The information published in this webpage is aimed at making known to economic operators that the JRC is planning to award a public contract whose value is between 15.001€ and 60.000€. This information is indicative and constitutes no obligation for the JRC to invite to tender to a subsequent call or to award a contract to any economic operator who may have expressed an interest in participating. Submitting an expression of interest does not convey any legal right nor create a legitimate expectation on the part of any economic operator. These lists are split up by JRC Directorate or Institute. These lists are not exhaustive and are updated regularly. Under each list there is a reply form which can be used by economic operators to express their interest to participate in any of the tender procedures announced. Contact details of the JRC responsible Directorate or Institute are also included in those forms. Only the candidates invited by the contracting authority to participate in a procedure for awarding a low value contract will be admissible.

Contracts for: 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011

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