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Welcome to the Public Procurement site of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC). This site is regularly updated. It is your responsibility to consult it on regular basis in order to have complete and updated information on the tenders announced in it. Should you have any problem to access the information and/or documents included in this website, please let us know by sending an e-mail or fax to the address indicated in the section related to the call you are interested in.

Latest open and restricted public calls

  • JRC/IPR/2015/E.8/0088/NC of 27/11/2015
    Supply of two planar detectors for the project Enhanced data treatment of Pu gamma spectra (PuGAM). The project provides scientific-technical support to EURATOM in the field of gamma spectrometry, in particular it develops, modifies, tests and implements new or existing measurement methods for application by nuclear material inspectors.
    Last Update: 27-11-2015
  • JRC/GEE/2015/D.3/0118/NC of 18/11/2015
    Work programme 2016 (Project 194-3300) will see the launch of a new activity on explosives simulants. JRC will address the lack of information on commercially available simulants, and produce simulants as quality control tools to i) check regulatory compliance, and ii) support end users in Member States. The initial focus will be on x-ray equipment. Leasing of high-resolution, cabin-baggage-sized equipment, will enable in-house more precise characterisation of simulants (e.g. density, effective atomic number), during the development phase. The simulants will subsequently be compared with real explosives in an external facility (see study contract 2015/S 127-231323). NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF TENDERS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 03/12/2015.
    Last Update: 27-11-2015
  • JRC/KRU/2015/E.2/0087/NC of 27/11/2015
    Supply of high pressure burst- and creep device for testing of irradiated cladding material
    Last Update: 27-11-2015
  • JRC/KRU/2015/E.2/0086/NC of 27/11/2015
    Overhaul of the obsolete existing equipment. Wing B Room B 148 in front of B 1
    Last Update: 27-11-2015
  • JRC/IPR/2015/C.3/0032/OC of 14/10/2015
    Il Centro di Competenza Tecnica (WORKSHOP) del Centro Comune di Ricerca in particolare il magazzino – sito di Ispra (JRC-Ispra), si occupa della distribuzione di articoli per la sicurezza e la protezione del lavoratore x per i diversi Istituti di Ricerca, presenti sul sito di Ispra. Il contratto ci permette di acquistare tutto il necessario per garantire la sicurezza del personale del JRC e del luogo di lavoro. Inoltre nella gara è stato aggiunto un secondo lotto per il settore C.1
    Last Update: 27-11-2015