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Calls for tenders found (2)

  • JRC/IPR/2014/H.4/0011/OC of 04/03/2014
    The objective of the framework contract is to provide the elements necessary for an understanding of how meteorological events impact on crop growth and to forecast the yields of the main crops in Europe, neighbourhood countries and other areas of the world. The contract has six lots: Lot 1: Meteorological information Lot 2: Agro-meteorological models Lot 3: Remote sensing information Lot 4: Viewers Lot 5: Provision of satellite-derived rainfall estimates Lot 6 Global water Satisfaction Index
    Last Update: 16-04-2014
  • JRC/IPR/2014/H.4/0004/OC of 19/02/2014
    The objective of this framework contract is the provision and application of thematic studies in order to quantify, assess and monitor the evolution of agri-environmental conditions as well as to provide pathways for agrienvironmental policy developments underpinned by strong scientific evidence. The activity may include spatial considerations (e.g. integration of geographical information, geo-spatial modelling and analysis) to develop methods for elaborating indicators to assess the integration of environmental concerns into agricultural policy.
    Last Update: 11-04-2014